Q: What is NET metering?

A: NET metering means that the power produced by your solar system is consumed in your house first and any excess is then fed into the grid. Any excess power produced is sent back to the grid at a rate determined by your electricity retailer.

Q: What products does Aussie Solar use for their solar installations?

A: We use CMS brand solar panels and inverters. Visit our Solar Products page for more information.

Q: Where are the products Aussie Solar use for their solar installations made?

A: All CMS inverters used are made in Taiwan, and all CMS solar panels are made in China. Visit our Solar Products page for more information.

Q: What are the warranties on the products Aussie Solar use for their solar installations?

A: All CMS inverters have a 5 year warranty, all CMS solar panels have a 5 year structural warranty and 25 efficiency warranty (90% over 10 years and 25% over 25 years) and each installation has a 12 month on-site warranty.

Q: When filling out my grid application form, where do I find the NMI number?

A: This number is a small 10 digit number starting with the number 4 found somewhere on your electricity bill.

Q: Does Aussie Solar install power systems outside NSW?

A: No.

Q: Do I need to have my NET meter installed for my system to work?

A: Yes.

Q: Will the power from my solar system store so I can use it at night?

A: No, Aussie Solar installs systems that are connected to the electricity grid and do not store power.

Q: Does Aussie Solar install stand alone systems?

A: No, Aussie Solar only installs grid connected solar power systems.

Q: How much money will I save?

A: There is no standard answer for this question. This is dependent on many factors, including size of the system, how many kilowatts the system produces, how much power is consumed by the house during daylight hours and more. Contact one of our consultants today to discuss how the output of our systems can help reduce your electricity bill.

Q: What information should I have when I contact Aussie Solar for a quote?

A: The average kWh your household uses per day can help us determine what size system can suit your daytime power needs. This can be found on a copy of your electricity bills. Keep in mind the differences in power consumption of your household during the different seasons.

Q: Will an Aussie Solar consultant come out to talk to me about a solar power installation quote?

A: We complete your quote over the phone using satellite images. Only when there are no clear satellite images or plans available will a site inspection be completed before a quote is issued.

Q: Are all of Aussie Solar's installers accredited?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the current government rebate and feed in tariff?

A: Visit our Residential Solar Rebates page or Commercial Solar Rebates page for more information the current rebates and feed in tariffs.

Q: Is there anything I need to do after my installation is complete?

A: We advise that you check your inverter is showing a green light while the system is running once a week. Should you have any troubles with your Aussie Solar installation, contact us on 1300 794 110.

Q: Will my solar power installation work during the night?

A: No, the system only produces power during daylight hours.

Q: Are the inverters Aussie Solar use transformerless?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the panels Aussie Solar use for their installations Monocrystalline?

A: Yes.

Q: How many bypass diodes do the panels Aussie Solar use for their installations have?

A: Three, this means that if something is restricting the sunlight from reaching only a section of the panel, the diodes still recieving sunlight will continue to produce power.